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Radiograph Examples

Because understanding what an acceptable full-mouth radiograph set looks like and how to obtain it are such fundamental items for a veterinary dental specialist, the canine and feline full-mouth radiograph sets are required to be submitted in the first year of a training program. 

A complete permanent dentition is required. (The following teeth may be absent in a submitted radiographic set that may include 1 but not more than 1 of the following exceptions: 1 maxillary or mandibular incisor tooth (canine or feline); 1 maxillary premolar other than the maxillary 4th premolar tooth (dog and cat); 1 maxillary 1st molar (feline); 1 mandibular 3rd molar (canine); or 1 maxillary 2nd molar (canine).

See the examples below for radiograph examples of dogs and cats.