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Dual Track Diploma

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Residency Training Program Information

The Dual Track Program is under development. Contact the AVDC® with questions or check back later for more information.

Download the current Dual Diploma Requirements.


AVDC® documents available on this web-site are revised to be in concordance with the most recent Changes document released in December or January of each year – date-sensitive documents such as Application Forms will include a “Released: DATE” or similar notation at the bottom of the document. If in doubt about current AVDC® policy or documents, send an email note to ExecSec@AVDC®.org.

Registration by AVDC® is, of itself, not an assurance of the quality of training, or that the applicant will successfully complete the AVDC® credentialing and examination requirements.

English is the official language of AVDC®. All documents, forms and examinations provided by AVDC® are written in English, and all materials submitted by applicants and residents are to be written in English.

Use of Specialty Titles: The AVMA Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics state: It is unethical for veterinarians to identify themselves as or in any way imply that they are members of an AVMA recognized specialty organization until such time as such certification has been awarded. AVDC® has adopted the Guidelines for Use of Specialty Titles, prepared by the American Board of Veterinary Specialties of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

By signing the AVDC® Training Program Registration form, an individual submitting an application for registration of a training program acknowledges that s/he may not use the terms ‘board eligible’, ‘board qualified’, ‘veterinary dental specialist’ or ‘veterinary dentist’, and may not make or imply any connection with AVDC® until such time as the individual passes the AVDC® examination and is awarded the AVDC® Diploma.

The registration of an AVDC® training program of an individual who is not in compliance with the policy stated above may be terminated by AVDC®, in which case the individual will not be permitted to complete the AVDC® credentials and/or the examination procedures, and, when appropriate, the circumstances may be reported by AVDC® to the individual’s State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.